. 2007

Michael Smith
Drawings and Videos from Storage

Hamish Fulton
Geronimo Homeland


Paul Etienne Lincoln
Two Mechanical Symphonies for Two Cities

Matt Mullican
Three Suitcases of Truth Love and Beauty


Allen Ruppersberg
Line Drawings, Book Pages, Games and a Puzzle

Michael Smith and Joshua White
Take Off Your Pants

Victor Burgin
The Little House

Twixt Two Worlds:
Selections from the Collection of Ricky Jay


Maria Nordman
Standing Pictures

Matt Mullican and Allan McCollum
Your Fate

Harell Fletcher
A Moment of Doubt

Victoria Sambunaris

Selections from the E. Buk Collectionof Technology and Invention


Victor Burgin
Room (1970)

Hello There Friend
(curated by Harrell Fletcher and featuring: Jess Hilliard/Dana Dart-McClean, Cleveland Leffler, Jimmy Miles, Andrew Li and Kenneth Mroczek)

Igor and Svetlana Kopystiansky
The Day Before Tomorrow

John Cage/Buckminster Fuller/Paul Etienne Lincoln/Matt Mulllican/Wilhelm Reich/Richard Shaver/Michael Smith and Joshua White/Franz West

No One May Ever Have the Same Knowledge Again:
Letters to the Mt. Wilson Observatory 1915-1935

(in collaboration with the Museum of Jurassic Technology)


stanley brouwn

Mark Dion and Morgan Puett
The Ladies Field Club of York

Anne Chu

Richard Sharpe Shaver
Weird and Wonderful Art: Rokfogos, Paintings and Books

Allen Ruppersberg
Drawings 1973-1980

Hamish Fulton
Drawings from Walks


Victor Burgin
Nietzsche's Paris

Fariba Hajamadi

Luciano Fabro
Ogni ordine è contemporaneo d'ogni altro ordine:quattro modi d'esaminare la faccciata del ss.Redentore a Venzia (1972-73)

Victoria Sambunaris

Michael Smith and Joshua White
The QuinQuag Arts and Wellness Center


Allen Ruppersberg
"Honey, I rerranged the collection…"

Paul Etienne Lincoln
The World and It's Inhabitants

Gert Verhoeven
Dramatis Personae

Günther Förg

Max Neuhaus
Images from Eight Vectors: 1953-2000

Fred Tomaselli and Rick Moody
Phrase Book and Recommended Reading

Hermann Pitz


(Open gallery at 243 West 18th Street)

Rodney Graham
Works 1983-1998


Allen Ruppersberg
Personal Art

Rodney Graham/Sherrie Levine/James Welling

David Deutsch

Ernst Caramelle

Lili Dujourie/Jeanne Silverthorne/Pia Sädtbaumer/

Rachel Whiteread


John Murphy

Los Angeles 1970-75
Bas Jan Ader, John Baldessari, Robert Cumming, Ger van Elk, William Leavitt, Allen Ruppersbergand William Wegman

Buckminster Fuller

Jan Vercuysse
Books and Prints

Jürgen Meyer

Paul Etienne Lincoln
"In Tribute to Madame de Pompadour and the Court of Louis XV"

Marcel Brodthaers, Chris Burden, Ernst Caramelle, Larry Clark, Thierry de Cordier, Sean Landers, Raymond Pettibon, Allen Ruppersberg, Jeffrey Valance, William Wegman and Franz West

Recent Editions by Gallery Artists

Fariba Hajamadi


(Open gallery at 130 Prince Street)

Fariba Hajamadi

Allen Ruppersberg

Ian Hamilton Finlay

Jan Vercruysse

Jeanne Silverthorne

John Cage/Alan Saret/Richard Tuttle

Richard Nonas

Tracy Grayson

Ian Hamilton Finlay
8 Proposals

Rodney Graham


Mia Westerlund Roosen

Seeing is Believing
Robert Cumming, Bruce Nauman, Allen Ruppersberg and Ed Ruscha

Dennis Adams
Holy War

Chris Burden
Devil Drawings

Rodney Graham/Fariba Hajamdi/Cristina Iglesias/John Murphy

Jessica Diamond/Mike Kelley/Al Ruppersberg


Allen Ruppersberg
A Collection of Letters

Rodney Graham
Standard Edition

James Welling

Fariba Hajamadi

Tracy Grayson

"The Lamp of Memory," Photographs 1848-1880
Henri Béchard, Rev. George Wilson Bridges,D. Consstantin, Maxime du Camp, Francis Frith and A. Schranz


Fariba Hajamadi/Gerhard Merz/James Welling

Works on Paper
Gerhard Richter, Richard Serra and Cy Twombly

Fariba Hajamadi

Alan Saret

Gilbert & George/Donald Judd/Tony Tasset

Hermann Pitz

Dan Graham/Rodney Graham/Robert Smithson/Jeff Wall

Chris Burden
All the Submarines of the Unites States of America


(Open gallery at 270 Lafayette Street)

John Cage
"Not Wanting to Say Anything About Marcel: Plexigrams I-VIII" 1969 and Mesostics re: Merce Cuningham, 1971

Sam Messer

Tony Tasset

Jake Berthot/Ross Bleckner/Harvey Quaytman/Joan Snyder