. take off your pants

Michael Smith and Joshua White
Take Off Your Pants
February 25 - April 9, 2005

Christine Burgin is pleased to announce the second gallery exhibition byMichael Smith and Joshua White, "Take Off Your Pants!" The show will runfrom February 25 to April 9, 2005.

For this, their fourth large-scale collaboration, Smith and White have builta nonsensical, revolving six-sided kiosk that serves as a relentlesslycheerful information booth purporting to take you to a miniature "virtual"world that conflates the internet and a Disney ride.

The kiosk comes complete with advertisements for a fictive "game" called"Take Off Your Pants!" promoted on various sides of the structure in videosof gleeful children playing a nonexistent board game while a cloying jingleloops endlessly. The winner of the game seems to be the one who can get homefastest and take off their pants. Each side of the kiosk relates to the ideaof "Take Off Your Pants!" in different media: video, lenticular photos,light boxes and theme music.

But as Disneyland's "It's A Small World After All" is to global politics, soSmith and White's "Take Off Your Pants!" is to the immense subject of theinternet. Here they knowingly address internet life and interactivity as itis so aggressively advertised in our culture. While their musical sculpturerevolves endlessly, with all of its ballyhoo signaling a world of comfortand entertainment, Smith and White ultimately present the internet in aboiled-down image: that of a man in his underwear, getting his email.

Take off your pants, 2005
Lenticular in wood framed lightbox
37 x 25 x 6 inches
Edition of 3