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Publications & Editions: Paul Lincoln

The Christine Burgin Gallery has worked with Paul Etienne Lincoln since 1991. Because of the nature of Lincoln's work -- large scale installations which are often the culmination of years of research, incredibly elaborate but often fleeting by design - the Gallery has worked with Lincoln over the years to document and to explicate these complicated, yet elusive projects. To accompany Lincoln's first exhibition, "In Tribute to Madame de Pompadour and the Court of Louis XV" in 1991 the gallery published a large format poster with extensively detailing the research behind this project. Since then, in addition to exhibitions the gallery has catalogues for his large scale projects, – "A Violet Somnambulist" in 2003 and "Sinfonia Torinese" in 2006 and an ongoing series of large scale prints documenting Lincoln's major projects:

Paul Lincoln | The Glover's Repository

The Glovers’ Repository: The Tenaciousness of Subterfuge
112 pages with gatefolds
(Distributed by Artbook|D.A.P.)

The Glovers’ Repository tells the stories of 24 characters who either practiced deception or were the unwitting victims of subterfuge. From Mary Toft who claimed to have given birth to a rabbit to King Zog who survived 55 assassination attempts, the characters are all legends in their own right. Their lives are related by Lincoln with his characteristic eccentric wit and are well documented with photographs. This book was inspired by a large-scale installation by Lincoln, a vitrine containing 24 gloves, one for each character. Each glove rotated slowly via a mechanism based on the workings of Big Ben. The book is bound so that, when it is fully opened, two small books of the characters’ stories are revealed.

Paul Lincoln | The Glover's Repository Detail

Paul Lincoln | The Glover's Repository Detail


Bad Bentheim Schwein (2009-2011), 2011
Pigment print
53 x 35 inches
Edition of 30


Aurelian Labyrinth (2005-2011), 2011
Pigment print
53 x 35 inches
Edition of 30


Battersea Bee Foundation (1982), 2011
Pigment print
53 x 35 inches
Edition of 30

equestrian opulator

Equestrian Opulator (1986-2000),, 2010
Pigment print
53 x 35 inches
Edition of 30

hyperbaric poster

Hyperbaric/Hypobaric, 2008
Pigment print
53 x 35 inches
Edition of 30

new york new york poster

New York/New York, 2006
Pigment print
53 x 35 inches
Edition of 30

panhard poster

Panhard Special, 2007
Pigment print
53 x 35 inches
Edition of 30

sinfonia torinese poster

Sinfonia Torinese, 2006
Pigment print
53 x 35 inches
Edition of 30

sinfonia cover

Sinfonia Torinese
An unrepeatable avarian symphony augmented by cultural and culinary morsels gleaned from the city of Torino, 2006
48 pages with color illustrations and a gatefold diagram

bird in the bell jar

Sinfonia Torinese/Cyanopica Cyanus (Blue Magpie), 2005
Bell jar containing Taxidermied Cyanopica Cyanus amd pigment print with gouache additions depicting 1/14th of the total mechanical score of "Cabiria." Contained in the base of the bell jar is a mechanism which produces the sound of the Raca grand as it sounded during the performance of Sinfonia Torinese accompanied by the song of the bird as it sang through its whistle.
One in a series of 14 works, one to represent each of the 14 birds included in the original "Sinfonia Torinese" installation.

violet cover

A Violet Somnambulist Spiriting the Fugacious Bloom
An investigation into Ignisfatuus, an installation of transparent effigies illuminated by the aural legacy of the late Rosa Ponselle, originally installed I the conservatory at Druid Hill Park, Baltimore, Maryland, 2003
50 pages with two black and white illustrations and two gatefold diagrams
(Note: In addition to the paperback edition of this book, a deluxe hardcover edition with a letterpress slipcase was produced in a limited signed edition of 29 copies.)


Bellinian Bloom/Spontinian Bloom/Verdinian Bloom, 2003
Work in three parts measuring 27 x 20 inches each
Pigment prints
Edition of 5


Explication: In Tribute to Madame de Pompadour and the Court of Louis XV, 1991
Offset lithograph
40 x 28 inches