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Publications & Editions: Max Neuhaus

In 2002, the Christine Burgin Gallery collaborated with Max Neuhaus to realize the reinstallation of his seminal sound work, Times Square. Internationally known since the 60s, Neuhaus was one of the first artists to work exclusively with sound as a medium outside traditional performance venues. Times Square, was installed by Neuhaus in 1977 and was deinstalled by the artist in 1992. Located at the triangular pedestrian island on Broadway between 45th and 46th Streets in New York City, Times Square is an invisible, unmarked block of sound at the north end of the traffic island. A rich harmonic texture which has been likened to the after-ring of large bells is emitted from a speaker system situated beneath subway ventilation grating. To those who become aware of it, it seems an intriguing, almost impossible irregularity: many others, however, passing through either consciously or unconsciously may dismiss it as an unusual machinery sound emanating from just below ground. Commenting on the re-installation of Times Square, Neuhaus said, "For those who find and accept the sound's anomaly, the island becomes a different place, separate, but including its surroundings. These people, having no way of knowing that it has been deliberately made, usually claim the work as a place of their own discovering." The reinstallation of Times Square was initiated and coordinated by the Christine Burgin Gallery in collaboration with the MTA/Arts for Transit Program and with the financial assistance of the 42nd Street Business Improvement District. The completed work was gifted to the DIA Center for the Arts.

In addition to the Times Square project, the gallery also made an exhibition with Neuhaus in 2000 entitled Eight Vectors. Curated and with extensive commentary by the artist, Eight Vectors was an historical survey of Neuhaus's work in which Neuhaus attempted to trace the various themes connecting his work from the 60s to the present.

times square

Times Square, 1977/2002
Permanent sound installation